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DevDen (Dennis Hughes) offers the latest in premium web development solutions that simply make your life easier. With custom Content Management tools,  quality Graphics and functional Programming. Your web project will look and function great across all platforms and devices.

As a professional developer with over 15 years programming experience and a plethora of cutting edge development tools, advanced techniques and software titles. Your web project will get the quality attention to detail that it demands and deserves.

So why wait? Energize your web project today! 

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Modern Website Development with WordPress - Custom Themes, Plugins, Shortcodes, API Intigration and everything else Wordpress has to offer.

Whether you need something developed from scratch or just want to modify and enhance an existing Theme, Plugin or Shortcode. DevDen has you covered! Contact Me today and learn how I can save you time and money while continuing to provide you with premium web development solutions.

It's time to take your web project to the next level with DEVDEN.


  • “For the past 8 years Dennis Hughes has been employed by Real Web Enterprises 

    Ltd. (dba RWGlobal). He was originally hired for a temporary two month position but soon became an indispensible part of our team. He has been the main architect of our content and feature management system.  

    During the time I have worked with Dennis he has proven himself to be an outstanding programmer, often solving problems others said could not be done. He has worked well, requiring minimal supervision and has been able to effectively make critical decisions both on his own and in consultation with the team.

    He has repeatedly shown a willingness to put in the extra hours needed to solve  

    problems and/or meet deadlines. His ability to look ahead and see what was needed beyond the scope of what was originally asked for has proven to be a major 


    He takes great pride in his work and, in my opinion, is a world class programmer. 

    He also has an unusual blend of technical ability and an eye for esthetics.  

    I look forward to having opportunities to work with Dennis in the future and would 

    highly recommend him to anyone requiring his skills.”

    Bob Nelson.
    Pres. Real Web Enterprises Ltd. 
  • “Late in 2003 I began collaborating with Dennis on a solution to one of my most glaring needs, a database driven estimating system for my printing business. I often spent more time quoting and less time

    producing, and my estimates were difficult to keep consistent often because of time constraints. I identified my requirements, and quite quickly Dennis had programmed a short 4 step module that drew from a database to give accurate consistent pricing.

    I was so impressed with this that I retained his services over the next year to develop logical steps and solutions to integrate data entry/management with an intuitive user interface that created functionality previously unheard of.

    While technology has advanced beyond description since 2004, the web application Dennis wrote served me for years and allowed me freedom like I had never enjoyed before. Ease of administration, a full set of

    features and an integration into the internet made his application way ahead of its time. We discussed further development at the time, but once full functionality was realized we focused on other projects. TEN YEARS later I contacted Dennis as I needed help migrating my database and updating my website. After a couple of calls Dennis was able to restore my database and make it functional, despite years of upgrades and deprecated code.

    The time and money Dennis saved me during this process is hard to quantify, but suffice it to say it was significant. I consider myself to be technologically literate, but Dennis’ knowledge in programming, site structure, and his up to date knowledge of internet programming techniques and database structures are second to none. He is truly an expert in all aspects of programming.”

    Jim Drummond.
    Owner. Images Of Fascination
  • “My company hired Dennis Hughes to design our corporate web page. We are very pleased with t he very functional and well thought out site he came up with for us. Despite giving Dennis a very tight schedule to launch, he completed the site on t ime and on budget. Dennis was profe ssional, know ledgeable and very easy to communicate and work with.

    The entire process was enjoyab le and resulted in a web page that captures the look, feel and message we looked to communicate about our company.

    I highly recommend Dennis for web page design and programming. Seawolf”

    Kevin Bradley.
    Partner. Seawolf Seafood

Mill Bay, BC, Canada

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